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Loading Guide

Before loading the cheat there is some things to consider.

Never used cheats before?

You should load the cheat with NO to HWID spoofer as this is just an additional detection vector.
Choose yes if you want to protect your systems default HWID.

Used cheats before?

You should use a HWID Spoofer every time you play the game.

Been banned before?

You should use a cleaner to remove any hidden traces of the ban and use a HWID Spoofer when you load the cheat.

Important Info

If you get banned instantly in a game, this is 100% a HWID ban or trace files from a previous ban. Contact us if you need a cleaner or have problems with hwid bans.

What is a HWID ban ?

When you get banned using a cheat, the developer blacklists your systems HWID, and sometimes places hidden files to identify you are banned next time you open the game on a new account.

You must use a cleaner to remove the trace files and use a HWID Spoofer to generate new IDS.

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