How does it work?

When you run the troubleshooter, it will detect any security settings or tool affecting your cheat.

System Info -

The top section colored Blue shows your system information.

CPU Vendor - is your CPU model, you can compare it (intel or amd) on the store requirement page.

OS - is your windows version, you can compare your version on the store page requirements.

Security Settings -

Intel VTc, VTx VTd / Amd-v -
This is a BIOS setting, guide here.

- For DEVIL, COFFEE & HV - This must be ENABLED

- DISABLE for all other cheats

Secure Boot - Must be disabled for all cheats, guide here.

3RD party tools

If any of these services are running, open your windows "control panel" and uninstall them:

- Vanguard
- Faceit


3RD Party Anti-Virus - If the tools detects some, open your windows control panel and uninstall the program.

Memory Manipulation / Cleaning tools - For security reasons you must uninstall any detected tools from windows control panel. Tools like Ccleaner, Bitbleach, WinDbg, ollybg or any other simular tools.